Mar 19, 2014

Top 5 ‘Forgotten’ Pokémon

I was recently playing Pokemon X and I thought will be there Pokemon that people will remember?

Well. Here’s my to 5 forgotten Pokemon.

#234 Stantler.

This Pokemon was first seen in the generation 2 games But it looks like it was only there for the rest of the games. You could carure it in pokemon Emerald in the extended safari zone but where is it now? Will peole remember him? I didn’t

#203 Girafgrig

This Pokemon Appeared in the generation 2 games like Stantler And it’s also the same thing with him. You could capture him in the safari zone But where did it dissapear? It did had ONE major episode in the anime But it had minor appearances in the anime and it is simply forgotten.

#631 Heatmor

This okemon apeared in the 5th generation games. It has a cool disign but due it’s moves and his sahe didn’t make him a big deal in the anime no big theme in the series at all.

#317 Swallot.

This Pokemon only appeared in a tiny tiny clip in a battle in the anime. It’s re-evolution had a bigger Appearance in the anime. Where does swallot get his own episode? Is it too late? or will it never happen?

#489 Phione
Pi-who? YES! Phione. This ‘legendary’ Pokemon is the most not remembered at all. It had no big game in a episode or film and only appeared about 2 seconds in the 9th film. But why? It’s stats. Manaphy’s stats were bad But he had some good moves. But if you make a baby legendary Pokemon with no stats. it will be forgotten. 

Mar 11, 2014
Anonymous asked: What is to you the best object?

Let me think about that.

Right now i Enjoy the 3ds from Nintendo the most that technology is super awesome for this time. It’s one of the best man made objects.

But The most awesome ever object ever found by humans? I think that is the London Artifact.

In the 1930’s London Texas a couple was walking and found a strange rock with wood it its core.  It turned out to be a hammer embedded within the rock. Dating back about 400 MILLION years ago because of the wood is now becoming coal. COAL!

That makes me thinking. Was there intelligent life? What was the intelligent life? How did they make it? When was it made? 

And by these questions I begin thinking about the 3ds. Is this top technology or is it just the beginning?

Mar 11, 2014


Anything in the Universe has a opposite of itself.
Hot and Cold.
Far and Near.
Big and Small.

You have a lot of things but let’s take a look at hot and cold. Temperature. It is everywhere in the universe. Not always even ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ but there is always a temperature  You can not measure your temperature with your standard mercury thermometer  or like that. It is most of the time too hot or too cold for measuring.

Too cold in the space between different galaxies or too hot near the surface of the sun.

But what is the absolute hot or cold?

Well, We know that the lowest temperature measured is 0 Kelvin. Or -273 degrees Celsius.But how came Celsius as a measurement? By water. In 1742 Anders Celsius was freezing water and boiling it. The bottom of the thermometer was called 0 degrees Celsius and the to was 100 degrees. This is the most common used scale in the world but the second best in the eyes of scientists.

But that was a summary of cold and Celsius.Let’s talk about heat. You can say heat is warm. But If you look at the kelvin scale. everything is ‘hot’ because of nothing can be lower than 0 degrees kelvin. But what happens if a material becomes hotter?

As we all know we have three different states of materials.


But that’s not all. If you can turn a gas too hot it will become plasma.But plasma can only turn into gas and not into liquid or solid objects. But what is plasma?

Plasma is a state that the electrons aren’t neat the protons and the neutrons. If cooled down the electrons just search for the protons and neutrons to be together once. The same happens with electricity.

Electricity has a negative side and a Positive side. We all learned and say: ”Electricity runs from positive to negative” Well That is actuality false. The same thing with plasma The electrons are  searching for their protons and neutrons. And as we know Protons are positive and neutrons are neutral and electrons are negative. In theory it is negative to positive. But if you want to yell at me and say: MY TEACHER SAID THAT ELECTRICITY IS FROM POSITIVE TO NEGATIVE! Well. I give you right. that’s because when we found out that that was happening we had to change a lot of thing in physics. Like: R=UxI would be the opposite. R=I:U. And we have more and more formulas for electricity and part of electricity. But if we need to learn negative to positive we had to change a lot of formulas. And that’s really a lot.

Maybe a lot more than the digits of Pi.

Feb 15, 2014
Anonymous asked: Are we able to teleport objects?


In 2009 the University of Maryland did copy a single atom to a remote place! They did teleport the atom to another. They scanned the atom copied it in the remote place and destroyed in the original state.

But as for teleporting humans. with the speed the atom was teleported we can ‘teleport’ a human body but it takes 4.84 quadrillion years.
That is a long time if you want to teleport your body to another place.

But is it legal? Well teleporting is copying a object, send it to another lace and destroy the original object. And Copying a human or animal is called cloning. But sadly enough cloning a human is illegal.

So can we teleport a human? Yes, Is it legal? No.

for now.

Feb 15, 2014
Anonymous asked: Why do scientists say Mass instead of Weight?

We use Weight and Mass as a daily word. For us we use them for the same thing. But for Astronomers and Scientists they are two completely different things. The mass of a body is measured how much matter it contains. a object with mass is called inertia. Grab a rock and shake it. It will take some push to get moving.and another push to stop it instantly. If you leave the stone on the ground it will stay on the ground in the exact same spot. one you get it moving it wont’t stop. This quality of ‘sluggishness’ of matter is inertia. Mass is a measure of how much inertia an object displays.

Weight is a different thing.Every object with mass attracts every object with mass. Stand at a quarter of an millimeter next to each other. You have now the same attraction as the sun on the earth. Because the amount of attraction depends on how massive and the distance they are from each other. But how can you measure this with yourself? it’s simple. Just stand on a scale. Because scales measures the force attraction between you and the earth(or any other planet) and that is called your weight.

If you are in a spaceship and you put a scale under your feet it would be still at zero. you don’t have any weight in space. you can put an anvil on the scale and the scale will still be at zero. the weight of the anvil is not here because there is no gravity. But the Mass of you and the anvil are still there.

Feb 11, 2014

Human lives are too short. We will miss a ton of great things we can see from Earth in the Future.

Like the Time Pyramid (Zeitpyramid) In South-Germany. It is a building of 120 concrete stones. But builders will only add ONE stone er DECADE. It is  pretty cool to go there and take a look. But there are only three stones laced. But in the Year 3183. It will be completed.

But our more than 30 great grandchildren will see it built.

But They will miss to walk around safely in the Chernobyl. Where radiation from 1986 was so great it will take not a hundred years, not two-hundred years not three-hundred. not a Thousand years. But in the year 22000 it will probably  be safe for human activates.

But around the time when the christian calendar begin to start. Radioactive Plutonium-239 Has lost half of its radioactivity. But If you think that is a great amount of time. Cesium-135 has lost half of its radioactivity in 2.3 million years. That’s a lot of time. But Uranium-235 has lost half of its radioactivity by 704 MILLION years. But Uranium-238 takes 4.5 BILLION Years to lose HALF of its radioactivity.

4.5 Billion years is a LOT of time. If we look back in time. We will see the birth of our own sun and our home planet. Earth.

But 4.5 billion years in our FUTURE how will it look like?

In our galaxy. The Milky Way galaxy has a lot of stars. And they look like droplets of milk. So are all of the visible galaxies in our universe. They are named after milk. Lactose, Lactic, Galactic, Galaxy. Every ‘droplet’ every star you can see in our galaxy is inside our galaxy.

But on a blurry distance there is another bigger droplet in our sky. is it a very big star? no. It is another Galaxy. The Andromeda Galaxy. Which is 2.5 million light years away from our planet. But Andromeda contains TWICE as many stars and is heading this way…

Not to scare you. But with 300 km/s or 190 mi/s It is pretty Slow If we do the math we can see that it will take about 4 billion years to collide with the milky way galaxy. IT will happen like this:

First row: Left: present

First Row Right: 2 billion years from now. Andromeda is approaching.(By this time the oceans of the Earth have dried up)
Second row left: 3.75 Billion years from now, Andromeda fills the field of what we can see.(now our surface conditions will be like Venus)
Second Row Right. 3.85 billion years. Star formation happens right before our own eyes.
Third Row Left: Star formation continues
Third Row Right: 4 billion year, Andromeda s stretched and the Milky way Galaxy becomes warped.(now is our sun a red giant and will burn the earth.)
Fourth row Left. 5.1 Billion years. The cores of Andromeda and the Milky Way begin to fuse together.
Fourth row Right: 7 Billion years/ There is no galaxy as Andromeda and the Milky Way. But there is now a galaxy called, Milkdromeda.

It will be so Awesome to be alive by then. But don’t Fear Of Miss out on something like that. The people alive then can actually wish that they have been born in our time because they never experienced the first web server. And they will miss a lot of great things.

Like a sun eclipse. Because our moon travels two centimeters away from earth each year. In Six-hundred million years. We can no longer experience a full Sun Eclipse.

Or Niagara falls. They will miss that too! Not the water art but the fall part. Because water takes tiny things with it like sand or stone. Each year Niagara falls will go backward by 30 centimeters or about one foot. By the year 5200 The falls will be lying under lake Erie. 

And Saturn will have no longer his rings in 50 to 100 million years. Because they get swallowed in or eject into space.

Life on earth in the future will have Awesome things but no things we can experience right now. If you get the opportunity to do something now. Do it. Or it will be too late.

Jan 31, 2014

Is The Sun really Yellow?

Looking above us we see the bright yellow star that we call the Sun. But is it really Yellow? Well, no. It only appears Yellow because of our atmosphere. The Sun gives us all the light in the visible and non-visible spectrum. From Cosmic Rays, Gamma Rays, X-Rays, Ultraviolet, Infrared, Microwaves, Radar waves, Radio waves, It gives us the colors  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. If You look at the sun from space it appears to us humans, White.

Jan 25, 2014

Can be there life on other planets in our own solar system?

So we have 8 planets. Sorry Pluto. But anyway we’ve got in our solar system the planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus and Neptune.

By looking at these eight planets you might be thinking: Can we live on Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune or Uranus? Well, No. Because they are too cold to support life. But first we take a look at Neptune.

Neptune is the coldest planet in out solar system.At the surface temperature of -200 degrees Celsius it cannot support any life. And the atmosphere is made out of Gaseous Hydrogen, Helium and Methane. We can breathe Hydrogen It’s in our atmosphere. But Helium and Methane are deadly. Yes you can say I can take Helium. It makes my voice higher. But you take that in a small amount. Helium in big ‘portions’ is deadly. If we were on Neptune we would be dead in several minutes, if not seconds.

By looking at Uranus. It’s the same thing with Neptune the atmosphere is made out of Gaseous Hydrogen, Helium and Methane. We would die

Saturn is at -125 degrees Celsius also too cold to support life. But the atmosphere is made out of Molecular Hydrogen and Helium. So that means no Methane But we  still die from the helium. But at the bright side: Saturn is the most dense Planet of the universe. If you had a container of water big enough to fit Saturn in. Saturn would float. And speaking of ‘floating’ Saturn has also a few rings around him.  Witch are made mostly out of rock and ice.

Now Jupiter:It has like Saturn a Atmosphere out of Molecular Hydrogen and Helium. But by putting that aside. If we could breath on Jupiter. We would still die how? Due it’s gravity. Jupiter’s gravity is 25 m/s while earth’s Equatorial surface gravity is 9.78 m/s That means that Jupiter’s gravity is  2.5 times more  than earth’s. We humans would collapse to the ground because we can’t support or own weight. But if the sun becomes a red giant after 6.5 billion years. Titan a moon of Jupiter can support life for about 100.000 years.

There are 4 planets left, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars We can put earth out of this list because it’s the planet with known life.

So, By looking at mercury  At the minimum temperature of -!73 degrees Celsius and at its highest at 427 degrees. We would Burn to death or Freeze to death. But Mercury has a really tiny atmosphere. So on mercury we are ‘naked’ to Ultra Violet, X-rays, and more waves from the sun. It would be dangerous to go sunbathing.

And looking at Venus you have the same as Mercury you could burn to death. But Venus has a atmosphere mainly of Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen. I don’t think you would breath that. But Venus it the most dangerous not because of the atmosphere but it rains metal. Sometimes metal can get so hot on Venus that it turns into gas and falls down on Venus again like water on earth.

So we’ve looked at 6 planets beside earth. Now let’s take a look at the last. Mars.

Mars is the planet where life could exist. By temperatures by the oles at -143 degrees Celsius to at the equator at 35 degrees. It is not too cold and not too hot for life. We could grab the dry ice and turn it into water. The atmosphere is 95% Carbon dioxide 2.7% nitrogen 1.6% argon and 0.13% OXYGEN! Yes. If we could plant a tree on mars and give it water due photosynthesis we can breath over a long time. It would take Years and Years to get 30% oxygen like here on earth. But we could. So mars is the best planet besides earth to support life.But does that mean that there is life on mars?

Well, Actually it is. Because we humans have sent a few droids to mars who were built on earth. That means Bacteria have been in and on the droids so when it landed. The bacteria spread all around, because that’s what bacteria do. And you have life on mars but it is microscopic.

This is the blog about the awesome things in the universe, galaxy s, and our own 3rd rock from the sun. I would love to hear your questions. Subscribe via RSS.